Conditions of service

Goods/Services - Act2 Solutions Pty Ltd provides actuarial certificates for Self-Managed Superannuation Funds whose circumstances require certification in order to meet specific SIS and ATO compliance regulations.

  • Account-Based Certificates (s295-390) - These certificates are required to support claims for exemption from income tax when a Fund has a combination of pension and accumulation accounts and the assets aren't specifically segregated between these accounts.

  • Defined-Benefit Pension Certificates - Those Funds paying at least one Defined Benefit Pension require an annual certificate to indicate whether the assets meet the SIS (and Social Security) adequacy requirements and also to support tax exemption claims.

Currency of Transactions - All prices given and invoices issued are in Australian Dollars (AUD)

Delivery Policy - All certificates and invoices are emailed as secure PDF documents. Account-Based Certificates are generally sent out within one working day of the receipt of the application form, Defined Benefit Certificates are generally sent out within a fortnight of receipt of the application form.

Data Privacy Policy - Client data is only shared with David Quinn-Watson of DeeDeeRa Actuaries Pty Ltd, the signing actuary of all certificates. Act2 Solutions Pty Ltd will not provide client data to any other entity without the express written permission of those clients and their Fund Administrator.

Personal Data Security - Information supplied in the application process is securely saved in our offsite location (i.e. NOT available through our website) for order confirmation purposes only. Information supplied such as your payment details is not stored with us, but in encrypted form securely communicated with ANZ who is our third party payment provider. All communication concerning your payment is processed under a SSL certificate, which ensures your safety.

Transmission of Card Details - Clients have a choice on how to provide payment card details to Act2 Solutions Pty Ltd. Once data has been received and payment processing is complete, these details will be destroyed and will not be kept by Act2 Solutions Pty Ltd or any persons within Act2 Solutions. Processing of payments will only be performed through secure ANZ Merchant facilities.

Operating Address - From January 2020, Act2 Solutions Pty Ltd will operate from Unit 3, 44 Cambridge Road Bellerive TAS 7018

Amendment Policy - If an error is found within a certificate and a replacement certificate is required, and this request for an amended certificate is received within a reasonable amount of time from the date of processing, Act2 Solutions Pty Ltd will happily prepare an amendment for the client free-of-charge. If this procedure occurs frequently by the same client for the same certificate/s, we reserve the right to charge a further fee after appropriate negotiations.

Refund Policy - If a client is unhappy with the quality, details or results within the certificate/s, the quality, wording or presentation of the certificates, and no resolution can be found via free amendments or further discussions, Act2 Solutions Pty Ltd will cancel the invoice and no further payment will be required. If this procedure occurs multiple times with the same client, we reserve the right to withhold further services from that client after negotiations.

Reasonability and Professionalism - Act2 Solutions Pty Ltd and its employees will at all times attempt to maintain a reasonable level of flexibility and professionalism in their conduct of business with clients. Whilst we prefer a relaxed approach, we do recognise the need to maintain a high level of proficiency and consistency to help ensure that clients receive reliable, friendly and professional service every single time.

Payment Terms – Act2 Solutions Pty Ltd requests all invoices be paid within 28 days of issue of invoice.

Data Integrity – Act2 Solutions Pty Ltd relies explicitly on the accuracy of data provided to us by our clients. Our calculations and certificates are prepared on the assumption that the data provided accurately reflects the details and transactions applicable to the relevant Superannuation Fund for the income year in question. We reserve the right to cancel or amend our certificates if it is determined that the information provided is not an accurate representation of the events that took place within the Superannuation Fund for the given income year. For this purpose we ask that all clients take particular care in checking the details provided to us in each application for an actuarial certificate.